BAUSW is a multi-user system for creating business solutions and applications specialized for the construction and manufacturing industry. It allows you to easily and quickly create customizable web applications that collect and organize data, using the so-called “no-code builder”. The system also provides advanced functions such as digital signatures, approval process, drawing annotations, secure file storage or audit trail.

Usage examples:

  • keeping a construction diary
  • task management
  • project management
  • data collection from forms
  • control sheets
  • annotation of drawings and diagrams
  • and many others…

Platform Features:

  • ready-made templates of common applications
  • building your own application using the “no-code builder”
  • supports digital signatures including electronic signatures with a qualified certificate
  • multi-user record approval process
  • secure file storage
  • export to PDF, CSV, JSON
  • prevention of data manipulation and audit trail

Advantages of the application

  • improving communication from the building to the office
  • speeding up and simplifying processes thanks to electronic forms and signatures
  • maintaining records and documents electronically in one system
  • archiving of records for later retrieval or audit
  • data security and protection against manipulation

Supported devices

The application does not require installation, it works in a regular web browser and thus simplifies introduction into the company. All modern operating systems and browsers are supported.

  • laptops and desktop computers with a modern web browser
  • mobile phones and tablets (Android and Apple)

To work with the application, the device must have access to the Internet (in the case of self-hosting, it must have access to the server where the application is running).

First steps