Private Deployments

Fortifying data security in construction and manufacturing
Private cloud or on-premises

Elevate your operational efficiency with our innovative no-code business app creation platform, designed to empower companies like yours.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing unparalleled security and privacy. We understand the paramount importance of safeguarding your sensitive data. That's why we offer the flexibility of both private and on-premise deployment options.

With our private deployment, you have full control over your data, ensuring an extra layer of security compared to conventional cloud services. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your critical information is in safe hands. Opt for our on-premise deployment, and take complete charge of your software environment within your own infrastructure.

Complete data control

With private deployments, organizations have the autonomy to manage and govern their data according to their specific requirements and compliance standards. This level of control ensures that data handling practices align with internal policies and industry regulations.

Enhanced security

Private deployments provide an elevated level of security by allowing companies to have exclusive control over their data and infrastructure. This ensures that sensitive information remains protected from potential external threats.


Private deployment allows you to comply with specific laws and regulations governing data storage, privacy, and security in your country. This ensures that businesses can meet compliance requirements without compromising on the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.



Our self-hosting solution empowers you to manage your software environment on your terms, giving you the freedom and confidence to run your operations efficiently.


Let us handle the technical intricacies, ensuring the software runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free maintenance, updates, and support.

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