Data Collection with Forms

Effortlessly create tailored online forms with BAUSW Forms. Our intuitive platform allows you to craft surveys, feedback forms, and more, tailored to your specific needs. The user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation, enabling you to collect data efficiently.

BAUSW Forms offers a powerful suite of features designed to optimize your form-based interactions. Tailor forms effortlessly with customizable fields, ensuring you gather the information you need.

Advanced functionality includes the ability for end-users to attach files, monitor the status of their submission via a unique link, and a two-way communication chat, fostering direct and efficient conversations with your team.

Customisable Forms

Effortlessly customise your forms using a variety of field options, ensuring you gather the exact information required.

Two-way Communication

End-users can send a message via a unique submission link directly to your team.

GDPR Compliant

We prioritize data protection and privacy, ensuring full compliance with GDPR regulations throughout the form submission process.

BAUSW platform offers a large set of enterprise-grade features such as digital signatures, audit trail, or role-base access control.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures made easy. Supports also digital certificates compliant with regulations.


Upload and share files, documentation and multimedia with your team.


Discuss important tasks and issues through built-in and secure commenting system.

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