Tables and Databases

Intuitive data management with BAUSW no-code

Harnessing the power of data shouldn't be reserved for tech experts. Our no-code platform opens up new possibilities, allowing you to effortlessly create and manage your collections and databases, with no programming expertise required.

Whether it's a collection of materials, staff, or something else, BAUSW apps can adjust to your needs simply by changing the app's configuration and setting up required fields and functionality from an easy-to-use app editor.

Rapid prototyping

Swiftly create custom solutions tailored to your specific project requirements.

Empowering non-technical staff

Allow professionals from various non-technical disciplines to actively participate in the digital transformation process.

Reduced costs

BAUSW no-code platform can significantly lower the delivery time for new software and data projects.

BAUSW platform offers a large set of enterprise-grade features such as digital signatures, audit trail, or role-base access control.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures made easy. Supports also digital certificates compliant with regulations.


Upload and share files, documentation and multimedia with your team.


Discuss important tasks and issues through built-in and secure commenting system.

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