File Sharing and Cloud Storage

A privacy-first, GDPR compliant file storage
Enterprise-grade security

Designed and engineered for enterprises, our platform ensures your data is shielded with industry-standard security. With robust authentication protocols and continuous monitoring, trust in a storage solution that prioritizes your peace of mind.

Our platform is fully compliant with GDPR and we don't use anny tracking scripts or invasive cookies. Your data is yours, encrypted at-rest, and accesible only to you and your team.

Privacy first

Our product is our business, not advertisment. We don't analyse or share your data for marketing purposes like others.

Unlimited storage

Don't worry about ever growing cloud storage and aproaching limits. With our predictable pricing, you pay for what you use.

Easy file sharing

Share files and documents securely with your team or generate a unique link to share a specific file with your customers and business partners.

BAUSW File Storage is a privacy-first alternative to:
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
File Cloud

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