Plans and technical drawings

Enhance communication and reduce errors with drawing annotation.

BAUSW Whiteboard app empowers your teams to collaboratively annotate and mark up floorplans and technical drawings in real time, regardless of geographical locations. Our platform facilitates seamless communication, ensuring that every detail is understood and executed with precision.

Highlight crucial points, add detailed notes, and mark revisions directly on your floorplans and technical drawings. This level of clarity eliminates guesswork and prevents errors, leading to accelerated decision-making and project progression.

Enhance visualization for both technical and non-technical stakeholders by incorporating labels, callouts, and visual cues directly onto your documents. This ensures that everyone involved comprehends the project scope and requirements, leading to smoother collaboration and increased stakeholder satisfaction.

Real-time collaboration

Architects, engineers, project managers, and manufacturers can simultaneously view, edit, and annotate technical drawings and floorplans.

Effortless documentation

Anotated drawings serve as a valuable reference, aiding in project tracking, accountability, and post-project analysis.

Import drawings from PDF files

Easily import your existing drawings and floorplans from PDF files directly into the whiteboard.

Works on all devices

Real-time collboration across your team regardless of the device or operating system.

BAUSW platform offers a large set of enterprise-grade features such as digital signatures, audit trail, or role-base access control.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures made easy. Supports also digital certificates compliant with regulations.


Upload and share files, documentation and multimedia with your team.


Discuss important tasks and issues through built-in and secure commenting system.

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