Site Inspection

Streamline site inspections with digital forms

With BAUSW no-code platform, users can effortlessly design custom digital inspection forms tailored to their specific needs. Whether you're conducting safety audits, quality control checks, or progress assessments, our platform streamlines your daily operations.

Access your inspection forms on any device, from smartphones to tablets, ensuring that your team has the flexibility they need to work efficiently in the field. Capture data, images, and notes effortlessly, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

Streamlined data capture

Digital forms enable seamless data collection directly on electronic devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Communication and collaboration

Instant communication between on-site inspectors and relevant stakeholders.

Data analysis

Digital site inspection forms provide a foundation for robust data analytics and reporting.

BAUSW platform offers a large set of enterprise-grade features such as digital signatures, audit trail, or role-base access control.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures made easy. Supports also digital certificates compliant with regulations.


Upload and share files, documentation and multimedia with your team.


Discuss important tasks and issues through built-in and secure commenting system.

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