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We're experts in software development tailored specifically for the construction and manufacturing industry. To our clients and partners, we offer a range of services related to technology from consulting to custom software development.



We offer technology consulting for construction and manufacturing companies seeking to modernise their operations with digital products. We help them navigate through the complex technology landspace and provide valuable insights about modern technologies and digital products.

Custom software project development

To satisfy the demand for custom software development, we created a no-code platform for creating simple business apps tailored for the construction and manufacturing industries. Our BAUSW platform allows businesses to implement custom-tailored apps and solutions within days with built-in must-have features such as digital signatures, edit history and audit trails, attachments, comments, technical drawings and many more.

For clients who require more flexibility, we also offer custom full-stack software development services from UI/UX, front-end to backend and cloud services.


Software stack evaluation

Evaluating the functionality of your existing software with your business requirements, strategising enhancements for identified shortcomings and inefficiencies.

Software architecture & redesign

Pinpointing weaknesses within a software architecture that impact both performance and security, constraining the potential for scalability.

Software modernization

Strategizing a phased migration of your software to contemporary programming technologies while ensuring uninterrupted critical business operations.

Business process analysis

Assessing your business workflows and devising enhancements through software-driven modifications such as streamlining processes, fostering seamless collaboration, and enhancing transparency.

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