Whistleblower Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate governance, maintaining the highest standards of ethics and accountability is paramount. Whistleblower software is an essential solution for companies committed to fostering a culture of integrity, transparency, and compliance.

BUASW Whistleblower software is tailor-made to empower organizations in the construction and manufacturing industry by providing an effective solution to uncover and address potential misconduct while safeguarding their reputation.

Corporate Governance

Proactively address internal issues and promote a culture of accountability from top to bottom.


Protect your conmpany's reputation by swiftly addressing issues and demonstrating your commitment to ethical business practices.


Showcase your commitment to ethics and transparency to stakeholders, investors, and customers.

BAUSW platform offers a large set of enterprise-grade features such as digital signatures, audit trail, or role-base access control.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures made easy. Supports also digital certificates compliant with regulations.


Upload and share files, documentation and multimedia with your team.


Discuss important tasks and issues through built-in and secure commenting system.

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